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360° Wicked Photography

Terms and Conditions to use 360 Wicked Photography photos:


360 Wicked Photography owns all photos taken and is the copyright holder of the photos.


Photo rights and usage for Real Estate Photography:


Any photos produced by 360 Wicked Photography includes NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-RESELLABLE rights to reproduce photographs for all marketing purposes specifically related to the sale of a single residential property. After the sale, the photos CAN be continued to be used in realtor’s social media IF photo credit is given immediately adjacent to the photo in the form of “© 2020 360 Wicked Photography”.  


360 Wicked Photography’s photos cannot be resold or transferred to:

builders, developers, stock photography agencies, property managers, architects, sellers, buyers, interior designers, stagers , new listing agents or any other entities.

In the case of a lapse listing, the new agents MUST purchase images directly from 360 Wicked Photography or he/she would be subject to copyright infringements.


If the photos are for a “Model Home” or a “Rental Property” where the photos will be used for more than one sales cycle, then specific licensing arrangements must be made beyond the traditional one single MLS listing. An additional fee can be be expected and also to be paid in advance.


Failure to use 360 Wicked Photography licensing terms (this is standard licensing terms) will result in a copyright violation. Such client will be asked to stop using the photos and further usage will result in legal action.

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